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Specializing in Computer Vision & scalable backend systems
We apply AI along with classical techniques to deliver high performance Computer Vision systems. Our ML systems provide valuble insights and empower better customer experiences.

Innovation On Demand

Our end-to-end solutions span the gamut from edge to cloud and are custom designed to integrate with your business.

From Database solutions that tie into your LOB / ERP systems, to back-end data processing utilizing ML, to Image processing and Recognition on the client or the cloud - we develop high performance solutions that deliver measurable results for your business that you can trust.

We follow a simple process cycle to empower your enterprise:
Review current systems and evaluate capabilities. With Future goals in mind - recommend tools, technology and architecture.
Implement Minimum Viable Product to prove viability of proposed solutions and evaluate machine learning models.
Adapt to changes in the environment, use feedback to reduce overhead, machine learning models recognition rates enhanced.
Production / Integration
Solution is fleshed out, tested, and integrated into production. Optimizations are performed to reduce lifetime costs.

Artificial Intelligence

What Is AI
Artificial Intelligence includes machine learning, image processing, and natural language processing. These systems are designed to discern, interpret, react and learn.
Why It's Important
AI is changing the relationship between humans and systems - solving problems while liberating our creativity and skills - allowing for more natural interactions.
How It's Different
Traditional systems are based on hard-coded rules, limiting their ability to find meaning in data. AI systems learn from example - recognizing previously hidden patterns.
A Bright Future
As we enhance our own human ingenuity with Artificial Intelligence we will reach new heights of productivity and precision.
The systems we use will allow for more natural interactions, promising a new world of experiences.
What AI Means For Your Business
Applying AI to your business challenges today will allow you to lower costs and increase efficiency.

Image processing allows for enhanced product inspection, signage verification, inventory management, and marketing opportunities.

Facial recognition gives your employees the ability to interact with users with a personal touch - informed by the customer's data and purchase history before they even open their mouth. Security of facilities and loss prevention can be managed with fewer resources.

Natural language processing gleans actionable data from reams of documents, or allows a personalized experience without employee interaction required.
Computer Vision & Thermal Imaging
Whether you need object recognition and tracking, facial recognition, or inspection systems - our team of experts will address your needs with visible spectrum, near-IR, or thermal imaging cameras. Our systems are deployed and in use in a variety of sectors. Inquire to find out how a custom imaging solution could reduce your overhead and protect your investment.
Database Systems
Your enterprise is its database. No AI system is complete without being able to integrate with your systems, and no database is useful if it is slow. We integrate into your business pipeline - from relational to distributed key-value storage. Scalability and speed are key: our performance experts will lead the way even in non-AI development projects. Find out more.
Network Servers
Not every solution fits into the HTTP model, and for those who need IP socket based solutions to integrate with their applications, our experienced team delivers. Utilizing ML or traditional data processing as needed, we implement solutions that are high performance and scalable to meet the needs of your enterprise. Contact us to learn more.

From Cincinnati to Singapore - Global Reach

Distance is no barrier: Our Cininnati based team services clients from around the world. Utilizing video conferencing and online project management tools, you will benefit from our expertise no matter your location.